Craig Taylor






22 × 28 cm


Poetry Sea Lion

Reading a poem every day is many things: a tough slog; a blip; a gift; a question mark; an always worthwhile attempt; a way to connect; a device to see the world in a more compassionate way; something I haven’t done in a while; a practice; a weird prayer; a few cold minutes down by the water; an excuse to buy new books; an excuse to take the old coffee-stained Oxford Book of American Poetry off the shelf; a reminder that Anne Carson’s wisdom is just sitting there, inside these books, waiting; a opportunity for polite argument; a project that can never be perfected; a highpoint; a chance to speak; a chance to say ‘What do you think she means?’; a chance to denigrate Larkin; an opportunity to look out at the water, at this big, cavorting sea lion, who seems to be honking in appreciation of the Mark Strand poem we've just finished.