A cafe in Lichfield.

Anna: Oh, you. Now don’t be so utterly ridiculous.

Eva: I insist. I insist, my dear.

Anna: Absolutely not and I won’t hear another word from silly old you.

Eva: Well, I won’t hand it over.

Anna: You give it to me right now.

Eva: I won’t. I won’t, and that’s the end of it.

Anna: I can’t have you paying for this, can I?

Eva: You paid for the last tea.

Anna: And that was nearly a year ago, silly.

Eva: Exactly. Just put that wallet away now, you troublemaker.

Anna: That’s enough. Give it to me.

Eva: I’m going to pay and that’s that.

Anna: Then I’m putting some money in your purse.

Eva: You’re going nowhere near my purse.

Anna: I need to say thank you. Eva Then a simple thank you’s enough.

Anna: You know how I feel about this, dear.

Eva: Well, fair is fair.

Anna: I don’t believe it is fair, if you don’t mind.

Eva: Then you can take me out for a nice meal next time, can’t you?

Anna: This is my treat.

Eva: It is completely my treat and I want to pay. The end.

Anna: No. [Pause]

Eva: Now sit down. I’m just going to put it on my credit card and we’ll go on with our lovely afternoon.

Anna: Tell me how much it is.

Eva: And we’ll see the dahlias out in Biddulph.

Anna: I’ll sit right here then. I’ll just sit.

Eva: Well, you’re being silly.

Anna: You’re being silly.

Eva: I don’t want your money. A simple thank you is fine.

Anna: I’d like to give you some money.

Eva: Just say thank you now. Just say it.


The waiting room of a community health centre.
The visitor’s gallery of the European Parliament in Brussels.
A café in Paris, 20th arrondissement.
The paint aisle.
A downtown café.
A large hardware store.
A laneway.
A path through a forest of old cedars.
A cafe in Oregon.
A used bookstore.
In Christian heaven.
At the home of a crossword puzzle setter.
Outside a car dealership.
The Salish Sea.
A cafeteria.
In a forest.